High tech and high touch, eICare is an end to end solution.

Read below to learn more about how we can streamline
care management and coordination for your agency.

Homepage & Dashboard

Your staffs homepage provides them with an individualized snapshot of all tasks, highlighted within ‘donuts’.  These can be configured to reflect your agency’s specific program requirements.

Creating a Lead

The ‘life cycle’ of an individual in e­lCare begins with the creation of a lead; demographic and contact infor­mation is entered for the lead prior to becoming a client. Staff can be assigned to follow up with the lead, and bring them in for a complete intake, where they are converted to a client, and assigned a unique ID number.

Client Intake

Once converted to an agency client, a complete intake is performed, which captures a host of demographic, healthcare, and other client specific information. Your agency’s unique care goals or other specific data can be included in the intake and service plan.

Program & Group Enrollment

Clients can be assigned to multiple programs and groups during the en­rollment process, or at any time dur­ing their engagement with the organi­zation. Individual program enrollment is visible to all staff working with the client.

Psychological Assessments and Scoring Tools

eICare come configured with tools that are used to summarize the pa­tient’s overall status at treatment ad­mission, formulate an initial treatment plan, provide a general prognosis for treatment. FACT-GP, as well as compre­hensive assessments developed in collaboration with academic research and faculty from UPenn. These tools include measures from both the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) & Colorado Symptoms Index (CSI).

Alerts & Notifications

eICare is currently receives external alerts from RHIOs and Healthix with client hospitalization and discharge in­formation. These alerts are automati­cally sent to internal elCare messaging system, and can be configured to be sent to external (staff) email address­es. Notifications can be sent to communicate about a specific client; the mes­sage is visible to any provider accessing that client’s profile.


Referrals can be facilitated within part­ner organizations, while external re­ferrals can be facilitated via a closed loop process, providing the referring source with outcome information.


eICare has the capacity to generate reports from a pre-populated list of over 100 options. Ad-hoc reporting is available as a separate module, allowing users to create their own custom reports. Reports can be downloaded in a number of different formats for sim­ple sharing and saving purposes.

Prescriptions & Labs

Accessible only to eligible providers, this feature allows staff to both send prescriptions and order labs. Informa­tion on labs and prescriptions can be found within a client’s chart, visible to case workers and other staff working with that client.