For clients who already have eICare, we have developed in-depth FAQs to support all operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may not be active, or your account may be locked. Please check with your System Administrator.

    • Check the client’s Intake Assessment; some programs require intake be approved before enrolling.
    • Check your permissions for that program to ensure you have permission to enroll clients.
    • Check client’s other program enrollments; the client may already be enrolled in the program, or in another in a similar program.
    • Check the client’s program enrollment to make sure client is still active in that program; if there is an end date, the note is not editable.
    • You may not have permission within eICare to edit progress notes; please check with your Program Administrator.

Some program content is restricted; please contact your System Administrator for permission to view.

    • Make sure this client is HIV positive, and/or their status has not been left blank on their profile.
    • Make sure client has had Primary Care visits within the last 12 months for their HIV care; check Health and Prevention tab.
    • Check that all mandatory questions have been answered in order to convert the lead. If you don’t know the answer, select ‘Don’t Know’, or ‘Refused’ in order to move on.
    • You must have permission to convert Leads; please check with your System Administrator.

Check the status of the document and make sure it has been approved. If it is pending approval, it will be locked and you will not be able to make any edits; check with your supervisor to request that it be unlocked.

    • Be sure you have answered all mandatory questions before submitting assessments.

Check the date of the previous FACT GP to make sure the end date does not fall within the current year.

Group enrollment is based on program; make sure the client is enrolled in the proper program in order to be enrolled in the group.